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The Atelier Kleiner Prinz is a tattoo studio of a special kind.

Due to the friendly and bright atmosphere, the studio offers besides the professional

and concentrated work, also a good feeling for the customer.

Here you will experience the beauty of the body art of tattooing

and the pleasant way we treat our customers.


We work here day after day and therefore it is our need to share 

a good mood and family climate together with our customers.

The studio is a place where young and old, tattooed and not tattooed people meet.

It is not always about art under your skin, we also have art for your wall and more.

Convince yourself by looking at our picture gallery or come by and join us.

We look forward to you!




Hello dear, we would like to introduce ourselves.

We are Frank Danisch, Pirmin Danisch, our little prince

Aaron and the princess Lilly and lead together the Atelier Kleiner Prinz.


The idea of opening our own tattoo studio came to us both when we were in

our honeymoon in Bali after we got married in June 2018.


Franky is our tattoo artist and creative head of the studio.

Who has already gotten to know him, will certainly

have noticed that he is not a typical tattoo artist,

as you imagine him. He is a very loving and compassionate person, which is reflected in his work. 

His tattoos are playful and dreamy and have a touch of noble Charm. Franky does not draw any motives off the shelf! Each motif is absolutely individual and tailored to the customer. In hours of drawing work your

designed becomes unique after your ideas.


Sebastian ist seit Mai 2021 bei uns im Atelier und unterstützt unser Team seitdem tatkräftig. Er setzt seine Motive in seinem ganz eigenen Stil um und zeichnet alle seine Motive selbst. Wer sich von Sebastian tätowieren lässt, bekommt ein wunderschönes Unikat unter die Haut verewigt in dem viel Zeit, Energie und liebe zum Detail steckt. Wir freuen uns sehr ihn bei uns zu haben. Für Termine könnt Ihr ihm ganz einfach direkt schreiben und schaut euch gerne seine Arbeiten auf Instagram unter @sbstn.tattooer an.


Pirmin is the organizational and considerate head behind the studio. Dating and coordinating appointments, planning conventions, guestspots and much more are his territory. In addition, he will always take care of your physical well-being and your soul. He will provide you with a calming tea, a soft drink or a coffee at any time to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


Aaron the smallest prince and is Frankys and Pirmin's French Bulldog. He will also try to make you never forget the day of your tattoo. Of course he is not left in the sanitary areas.


Most recently, Lilly belongs to the family and is Pirmins and Frankys Italian Greyhound. She is still a bit stormy but is already calmer. But you can only love the little whirlwind! Also she is not left in the sanitary area.

Tattoo Studio München, Tattoo München, ZweiTraum Fotografie

Photo taken by ZweiTraum Fotografie



Tattoo München, Tattoo Studio München, Frank Danisch, Tätowierer, Tattoo, Tattoo Artist, Atelier Kleiner Prinz


You want a tattoo appointment and do not know how?

No problem, we'll explain how easy and uncomplicated it is.


Important for an appointment request are the following points:


1) Write us via WhatsApp +49 162 7994373

2) we need your full name.

3) what do you imagine as a motive?

4) does Franky has free hand or do you have exact ideas?

5) on which place should it come? (Photo of the location)

6) if you have a maximum budget then let us know.


You can ask us if you got more questions or if you want to come by to talk about your tattoo wishes.



Vielen Dank für deine Anfrage! Wir melden uns schnellst möglich bei dir.



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