This beautiful print in the dimensions 21x27 cm is printed on 170g paper which is 100% recycled and therefore no further trees had to be felled, which fits very well with the topic "Turtle as our earth".

The story about it:

The turtle is the ancient symbol of our mother earth. It stands for strength, calm, down-to-earthness and harmony. Everything in life is a give and take, an eternal cycle that one should not close or withdraw from. This is exactly what the turtle is supposed to teach us! It used to be believed in almost all religions that the entire world was one giant sleeping turtle and that we would walk and live on its shell. Forces of nature such as earthquakes or tsunamis are small movements in sleep or a lesson for us when we have made mistakes. I love these little mythological stories because our imagination and creativity are great abilities of ours! Never stop dreaming 🤍